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Lest anyone wonder what we're doing,  we're  trying to figure out who is
mentioned  in  L'Envoi,  the last  part  of  Heinlein's book  called The
Number of the Beast.  Each source quoted  should be  the earliest one in
which the  character appears in the form in which  he, she or it attends
the  conference -- there's  a  time-travel  element  which means  that a
character may have been invited at any point(s?!) in their lifetime.

Suggestions  for changes and/or  additions  must  be posted to the group
as  a forum  for discussion,  not sent direct  to the  editor -- I'm not
capable of judging the  accuracy of  these suggestions.  Please  do post
them -- no one's  going to  laugh  at you,  and even if your  suggestion
isn't right there's a chance that it'll cause an interesting discussion.
Please email any errors in my grammar, spelling, layout, or logic to me.

A distinction  among  real people (R),  Heinlein's  characters (H),  and
other writers' characters (O) is maintained, the writers and books being
named where possible.  Persons introduced in Beast are mostly omitted.

Jubal         Jubal Harshaw     H Stranger
Lafe          Lafe Hubert       H Methuselah's Children (= Lazarus!)
Lazarus       Lazarus Long      H Time Enough
Anne                            H Stranger
Miriam                          H Stranger
Dorcas                          H Stranger
Athene        Athene Long       H Time Enough
Tamara        Tamara Long       H Time Enough
Doctor Rufo   Rufo              H Glory Road
Ishtar        Ishtar Long       H Time Enough
Galahad       Galahad Long      H Time Enough
Snob                            H The Beast (see anagram on business-card)
Minerva       M. Weatheral Long H Time Enough
Elizabeth     Elizabeth Long    H Beast (originally 'Libby' of Misfit)
Gene          Gene Roddenberry  R SF writer (Star Trek!). Quote from ST:TOS
Maureen       Maureen Smith     H Time Enough
Hazel Stone   Hazel Stone       H Space Family Stone/The Rolling Stones
Harlan        Harlan Ellison    R SF writer & critic
Both Heinleins                  R RAH and his wife Virginia
Justin        Justin Foote      H Time Enough
Mordan Claud  Mordan Claud      H Beyond This Horizon
Mike          V.M. Smith        H Stranger
Master Poe    Edgar Allan Poe   R Horror writer
Isaac         Sir Isaac Newton  H Between Planets
Robert        Bob Asprin        R SF writer. Ran the 'Dorsai Irregulars'
Arthur        Arthur C. Doyle   R Mystery and SF author
Worsel        Worsel            O E.E. 'Doc.' Smith's Lensman series
Betsy         Betsy Curtis      R Nurse and longtime correspondent of RAH's
Patricia      Patty Paiwonsky   H Stranger
Buz           F.M. Busby        R SF writer who worked on '61 Seattle WorldCon
Joan          Joan D. Vinge     R SF writer
Undine        Undine Long       H Time Enough
Asimov        Isaac Asimov      R SF writer
Benford       Gregory Benford   R SF writer
Biggle        Lloyd Biggle Jr.  R SF writer
Bone          J.F. Bone         R SF writer
Broxon        Mildred D. Broxon R SF writer
Cargraves     Donald Cargraves  H Rocket Ship Galileo
Challenger    G.E. Challanger   O Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Challenger series
Chater        Norman Chater     R Neurosurgeon who bypassed RAH's stenotic carotid
Coupling      J.J. Coupling     R SF writer (pseudonym of John R. Pierce)
Coster        Bob Coster        H Chief Engineer in The Man who Sold the Moon
Dorosin                         R A doctor Heinlein knew
Douglas       Archibald Douglas H Let There be Light
Dula          Art Dula          R Lawyer then on the board of the L-5 Society
Doyle         Arthur C. Doyle   R See also "Arthur"
Forward       Robert L. Forward R SF writer
Fu            Fu Manchu?        O From Sax Rohmer's books. The only Fu we can think of
Giblett       Eloise R. Giblett R Forensic Genetohematologist (blood-group professor)
Gunn          James Gunn        R SF writer
Hartwell      David Hartwell    R SF editor
Haycock       Christine Haycock R Married to Sam Moskowitz
Hedrick                         H One of the common surnames among the Families
Hoyle         Fred Hoyle        R SF writer and astronomer
Kondo         Yoji Kondo        R Astronomer -- worked on Apollo missions
Latham        Phillip Latham    R SF writer (pseudonym of Robert S. Richardson)
Mackenzie*    Colin Mackenzie   R Heinleins' doctor when they lived in Bonny Doon
MacRae        Doc MacRae        H Red Planet
Martin        Mary Lou Martin   H Let There Be Light
Mott          Paul Mott         R Once married to RAH's niece, Patricia, now divorced
Nourse        Alan E. Nourse    R SF writer
Oberhelman    Harry Oberhelman  R A Doctor at Stanford who saved RAH's life in 1970
Passovoy      Bob/Anne Passovoy R TruFans: Robert's a Doctor, Anne's a filker
Pinero        Hugo Pinero       H Life-Line
Pournelle     Jerry Pournelle   R SF writer
Prehoda*      Robert W. Prehoda R Writer, author of Your Next Fifty Years
Richardson    Robert Richardson R SF writer. See also "Latham"
Rothman       Milton Rothman    R Physicist, SF writer & fan
Sagan         Carl Sagan        R Astronomer
Scortia       Thomas N. Scortia R SF writer
Schmidt       Stanley Schmidt   R SF editor
Sheffield*    Charles Sheffield R SF Writer. See Requiem
Slaughter     Frank Slaughter   R Writer. Wrote books on the practice of medicine
Smith         E.E. (Doc.) Smith R SF writer. One of RAH's idols
Stone         Edith Stone       H Space Family Stone/The Rolling Stones
Taine         John Taine        R SF writer (pseudonym for Eric Temple Bell)
Watson        Dr. Watson        O Sherlock Holmes' companion
Williamson    Jack Williamson   R SF writer
Hartwell                        R David and wife
Benford                         R Gregory and wife Joan
Hoag          Jonathan Hoag     H The Unpleasant Profession
Mobyas Toras  Mobyas Toras      H RAH's 'enhancement' of Burroughs' Mars stories
Escher        M.C. Escher       R Dutch mathematical artist
Cas           Castor Stone      H Space Family Stone/The Rolling Stones
Pol           Pollux Stone      H Space Family Stone/The Rolling Stones
Caleb Catlum  Caleb Catlum      O Vincent McHugh's Caleb Catlum's America
Laz           Lapis Lazuli Long H Time Enough
Lor           Lorelei Lee Long  H Time Enough
Ginnie        Virginia Graylock O Poul Anderson's Operation... series
Winnie        Winnie            H I Will Fear No Evil
Minnie        M. Weatheral Long H See also "Minerva"
Holly         Holly Hardesty    H The Menace From Earth
Poddy         Podkayne          H Podkayne of Mars
Libby         Elizabeth Long    H See also "Elizabeth"
Pink          Marilyn Niven     R Larry's wife (after 'Fuzzy Pink' slippers)
Karen         Karen Anderson    R SF writer (Poul's wife)
Larry         Laurence Niven    R SF writer
Mr Clemens    Samuel L. Clemens R Author (Mark Twain's real name)
Bonforte      John Bonforte     H Double Star
Sarge Smith   Sgt. Smith        R RAH's friend
Penelope      Penelope Bonforte H Double Star
Ben           Ben Bova          R SF editor and writer
Charles       Charles N. Brown  R Editor and publisher of LOCUS
Her Wisdom    Star              H Glory Road
Hero Gordon   Oscar Gordon      H Glory Road
Ira           Ira Weatheral     H Time Enough
André         André Norton      R SF writer
Kat Moore     Catherine Moore   R SF writer
Fritz         Fritz Leiber      R SF writer
Cliff         Clifford D. Simak R SF writer
Gordfather    Gordon R. Dickson R SF writer
Berkeley      Bishop Berkeley   R 18th-century English philosopher
Dodgson       C.L. Dodgson      R SF writer (Lewis Carrol's real name)
Noisy         Noisy Rhysling    H Green Hills
Holger        Holger Danske     O Poul Anderson's Three Hearts & Three Lions
B'f Shaeffer  B'f Shaeffer      O Larry Niven's hero from Neutron Star, etc.
Pr.Wogglebug  Prof. Wogglebug   O L. Frank Baum's Oz series

* These characters appear in at least one version of the book but not in
  all versions of the book. Changes in the list appear to have been made
  when  the book was translated from US English  to UK English and other


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Also thanks to  Dr. Jerry Pournelle,  Dr. Charles Sheffield,  Dr. Shirley
S. Chater and Dr. Harry A. Oberhelman for their contribution and a final,
special thanks to Mrs. Virginia Heinlein,  who  helped with  "impossible"

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